What Is Windows Product Key? Check All Details Right Here!

 What Is Windows Product Key? Check All Details Right Here!

Windows remains one of the most-selling Microsoft products, and with the new Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to revive the love people had for the operating system. The previous version called Windows 8 had a bunch of problems, and even the regular users had their concerns. Windows 10 offers a lot better interface, and like previous versions, you will need Windows product key. What exactly is a Windows product key? Why would you need it? From where can you buy this

In this post, we are discussing every aspect that you need to know.

What is the product key?

Microsoft wants to ensure that every version of Windows is used as intended, and each product comes with a key, which works like a license for using the operating system. For instance, if you are using Windows 10 home, you need a product that’s exclusive to the product. Product key is critical for using Windows, and while you might be able to harness the benefits of it for the first 90 days, the key would be required to harness all the features and functionalities of Windows 10. Since Windows XP, a product key was a consistent feature for Windows products, and it continues to remain the same. The way the Windows product key is used has, however, changed. Previously, the Windows CD would come with its own product key, which must be entered manually. Now you can upgrade to Windows 10 and simply get the 25-digit key from Microsoft Store.

How to use Windows product key?

You can use the Command Prompt or Settings to update the Windows key. If you have just shifted to Windows 10, you can buy the product, which can  be entered using the Settings app. You will find the option in “Update & security” tab, where there will be an option to Change or Add product key. The product key is unique to the purchase and can be used for one computer only. Please note that product keys are sold by third parties online at a discount, but beware, unless you are completely sure of the source.

Final word

Think of the product key as the only way to use Windows legitimately, especially when you want to access all the features and functionalities. Make sure that you buy the key for the version that you are using. For example, a Windows key meant for Pro version won’t work for the ‘Home’ one.