Regardless of the niche, consider the amount of business work that’s completed online on a regular basis. From accepting and sending payments to emails, processes and more, your small business needs dedicated internet access. Understanding speed that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) claim to offer can be complicated at best. In this post, we are discussing some of the things that business owners need to know about internet speed, without going into complicated terminologies.

The basics

When it comes to connections, you get two different speeds for downloads and uploads. Downloading is anything about getting files from the internet. This may refer to something as simple as downloading a file from an email or a song, while uploading is sending files over the internet. The upload and download speeds are measured in either thousands or millions of bits, so you have terms like mbps and kbps. The more bits you get per second for downloads and uploads, the higher is your speed both ways. You may also find the term called bandwidth, which basically refers to what the ISP provides for moving data at once. To be more precise, if you have the right bandwidth, you don’t have to wait more for uploads and downloads.

The options

Today, you have options beyond the copper-based cable connections. The best example/solution is “fiber-optic cable connections”. Because this kind of connection allows easy downloading and uploading, provided you have the speed. For example, if you have 1Gbps fiber connection, you can send something that’s as big as 3GB in matter of seconds.

What affects the internet speed?

It depends on many factors, including the kind of connection you have and the device used for accessing the internet. Also, the number of people using the internet connection at the same time also affects the speed. So, a small business that has 30 employees will require a much more stable connection than one that has just 5 employees. Of all, “fiber to the premises” (FTTP) connections are the fastest. If your connection to the internet is fast and stable enough, you can make the most of other services, such VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which are essential for running a company.

Final word

If you don’t have adequate internet access, you cannot rely on cloud apps and services, which again are a must for the current IT setup. Check for a tech partner, who can help in understanding the right connection and related needs.