Features of the Codeless API Automation Tools That Are Making a Difference!

Features of the Codeless API Automation Tools That Are Making a Difference!

In a hoard to provide for a robust tool that fits the need of the developers, the vendors have been trying hard enough to design a seamless automation tools. Taking into consideration the problems faced in the fast, today these tools are more fast, smart and accessible.

If you have been working on the development of an API and seeking an automation tool, here are some of the criteria to fill the gap. We have tried to keep it as simple and easy as it can be for you!

Smart element locators

Generally a script breaks after a test has been conducted on the program. Therefore when another test has to be conducted the developer needs to revise the script and test it again. The codeless API test automation tools of today have bridged the gap with multiple smart element locators. Here even if one script breaks there can be possibility of another script to be put to use.

Conditional waiting

Modern codeless tools are designed with a conditional waiting protocol. Here the scripts don’t wait for a defined number of seconds before progressing to another step. Instead execution time is actually reduced by automating the progress as soon as it is found that the condition is good. This has significantly influenced the wait time and progress.

Control structures

Much like the coded control structures on automation testing, the codeless today have the control structures. These enable the author to repeat the action even 10 times if the need be and the script shall maintain the actions individually for records. This enables proper allocation of the true or false conditions while enabling the tester to analyze the program well.

Easy assertions

With the new tools the recording and validation of the assertions have been turned into an easier process. Here instead of bringing about a big manual entry the testers are just required to use a navigational button to validate the setting. And it is done!

Changes in scripts

With every new test or feature addition a need to make legitimate changes to the script arises. Unlike developing a new script altogether the new codeless API automation tools allow for a change in the script even after it has been recorded. Thus allowing flexible and qualitative use!

Codeless automation tools have really changed the way software developers, automation engineers and programmers make use of the tools to test their design. The improved usage brings about better software.